Healthy Skin From the Inside Out


After being in the health & beauty industry for over 3 decades I've seen my share of skincare fads come and go.  

Growing up I was dealing with acne, oily skin with clogged pores.  I doused my skin with strong alcohol based products and scrubbed my face with harsh exfoliants.  I used clay based masks daily to absorb the oil hoping to clean my  clogged pores.  You name it I probably tried it.  Well that was over 40 years ago!  I truly believe the masks really helped save my skin.  

I was always interested in skincare and spent many years before finally finding a esthetician program. That was in 1992.  I had excellent training and even took many advanced training classes.   Over the years I searched for a nutrition program but most were only diet meal based.  Eventually I found the education I was looking for and was hungry for more information.  I continued my education after getting certified as a Clinical Nutritionist (CCN), a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) and then as a Certified Naturopathic Doctor.(ND)

After being introduced to 302Skincare over 10 yrs ago I've seen incredible results with my skin from over exfoliation and stimulation caused by chemical peels,  micro-needling or microdermabrasion treatments.  As a licensed esthetician we our trained to treat the skin on the outside.   As  also a healthcare practitioner I help to heal the skin from within.  Acne doesn't happen overnight though it seems we get a breakout the very next day.  We treat acne topically but not from the source.  Harsh topical products leave the skin red, dry, and irritated which only give a temporary quick fix.  Toxic oral medications can heal acne but with a price.

Getting to the root cause of your skin health issues whether you have a gut dysfunction or hormone imbalance I work with my clients to put their best skin forward.