302 Skincare

302 Skincare

 302 Professional Skincare works with a truly remarkable discovery called Avogen® derived from a rainforest variety of avocado.
The Avogen® molecules are a biologically significant matrix provided both topically and as a dietary supplement.
Our history of exceptional results from Avogen® as incorporated in a guided program of home and studio care has created a vibrant following worldwide.

302 Professional Skincare provides effective topical solutions to reverse visible aging, acne and skin stress.
We source organic, animal-free, and sustainable agriculture based ingredients and many of our products exceed 90% organic content 


302 Professional Skincare

Natural based, preservative free, clinical aesthetic products.

GOOD SCIENCE is what makes the difference in creating an optimal skin response. 302 Professional Skincare has the science!

302 Professional Skincare has a unique molecule, called Avogen, discovered in a certain avocado variety found in the rainforest of Central America. Avogen stimulates glucose activation in the skin tissues and is the main active ingredient in 302 professional skincare products. The products containing Avogen are those which incorporate “302” in the specific product name itself, (i.e. 302 drops, 302 cleanser, 302 serum). The entire product line derives its name from the molecular weight of Avogen, which is 302.

302 Skincare is: 

  • Restores natural balance and provide day-by-day visible recovery and improvement
  • Particularly well formulated for those having conditions of rosacea, acne, hyper-pigmentation, scarring, inflammation, dryness, or advanced aging changes of thinning or irregularly textured skin.
  • Highly softening and promotes the repair and increased protection of the external skin barrier.
  • Assists the skin in maintaining its moisture levels more adequately.
  • Promotes normalized cell activity.

302 Origins

A chance meeting in a rainforest community in the highlands of Guatemala over three decades ago at a coffee plantation shaded by an unusual variety of avocado trees developed into a concerted effort to characterize a remarkable extract from the avocado fruit of those trees.

The keen interest arose from the visibly startling health, especially the skin, of the plantation workers who subsisted largely on this avocado varietal. Avocado is one of the so-called complete foods because of its nutritional density and has been popularized in folklore as beneficial for the skin. The discoveries pioneered by the companies associated with 302 Professional Skincare have provided the evidence of that and much, much more.

302 Professional Skincare takes the name from but one of these exciting compounds dubbed “302” for its molecular weight and we invite you to participate in the many benefits of this remarkable fruit and its ever unfolding revelations into our own biology.

The first and foremost supplement for the extracellular matrix (ECM)The extracellular matrix (ECM) is the dynamic regulator of cell functions everywhere in the body. Aging, stress and inflammation cause ECM deterioration and clinical disorders follow. The ECM is now recognized as a key player in many clinical and subclinical events. Avogen™ is the first small molecule approach that engages the extracellular matrix to help renormalize errors. It represents a new class of substances (NORMS) that are not anti-inflammatory agents or immune suppressors but instead act to normalize day-to-day functions in the ECM. The effects of renormalization are rapid, well-tolerated, without side effects and continuing. Avogen™ is a natural and unique lipid family found in avocado provided in the approximate amount as would be found in one avocado of the containing varietal. Beginning with the discovery in the highlands of Guatamala where indigenous workers first exhibited the evidence of its benefits, we continue to explore the mysteries of the key molecules in the unique avocado of that region.

Avogen™ is available in topical mist and capsule form, dosed at one per day. More capsules per day will not result in faster or better results. One misting per day on the skin will transform and resolve the visible effects of sun damage and chronologic aging. Misting every other day is usually sufficient.

  • AVOCADO DIETARY SUPPLEMENT: Softer, freer joint movement • softens surgical adhesions • treats stretch marks • clears implant fibrosis • increases energy, vitality
  • AVOCADO TOPICAL MIST: Visibly more beautiful natural looking skin • clears visible sun damage • softens skin to natural sheer • treats scars and uneven texture


302 Skincare Holistic Facial


302Skincare Holistic Facial

302 Skincare uses holistic therapies to treat skin conditions at the source. Rooted in science 302 addresses every aspect of skin damage and aging, targeting pathways from the inside out. 302 focuses on reducing inflammation and rebalancing the skin through an inside-out approach, resulting in permanent changes. This is achieved through a series of revolutionary ingredients and technologies delivered by a liposomal delivery system. With the combination of treatment therapies and the use of 302 products, the immune system can be strengthened, increase skin circulation, improve scar remodeling, repair DNA, replenish growth factors, re-establish the protective barrier, restore antioxidant levels and activate collagen at the source.

This facial is carefully customized to address your overall skin’s needs; whether its for anti-aging, clarifying, brightening, soothing or hydrating the skin. Your end result is healthier and more lustrous skin.   Perfect for all skin types because your treatment will be customized to your skin type. A complete skin analysis. Followed by cleansing and a deep pore enzyme mask. Steam with extractions if necessary. Then a customized mask is applied with a facial massage. While the mask is penetrating, enjoy a relaxing hand and arm massage.  

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