Holistic Naturopath Laguna Hills

Feel your best with whole body wellness using the best...


Holistic Naturopath Laguna Hills

Feel your best with whole body wellness using the best...


Naturopathic Practitioner KJ Wellness Solutions

As one of Orange County's leading health & wellness stops, KJ Wellness Solutions is your ultimate go-to place for all things health, nutrition & beauty. Since 2014, KJ Wellness Solutions, Karen Johnson, F.N.P.  has been providing customers with fantastic health & wellness knowledge and services.

About KJ Wellness Solutions

Karen johnson, F.N.P., C.C.N., H.H.P., L.E.

🌱Certified Naturopathic Practitioner

🌱 Holistic Health Practitioner
🌱 Certified Nutritionist 
🌱Licensed Esthetician

Functional Medicine

The goal is to provide alternative health care that will reverse and prevent disease using the fundamental healing principles of mind-body healing. 


Services & Appointments

Here for All Your Health Needs  

I want you to feel you’re getting the attention you deserve whenever you come visit. At KJ Wellness Solutions, I stand by my endless commitment to customer satisfaction by providing a wide range of products and services .

NEW! Telehealth Program for 2020

I'm committed to helping as many people as I can during this time of crisis, which is why I've expanded my services to include telehealth. The great news is that my new telehealth program includes the same expert care that you'd get if you came to see me in person, all without having to leave your home!

I'll start your program with a deep dive into your health history, then make recommendations for cutting-edge testing that will take out the guesswork and give us real answers.  You can order your test kits directly through UltaLabs.com

You'll also have access to my professional online dispensary so that you can get the highest quality professional-grade supplements for your treatment protocol. 

My telehealth program is perfect for anyone who wants to work on digestive issues, hormone problems, skin trouble, or anything in between. t's also great for anyone who wants to get to the bottom of those annoying, unexplained symptoms that just won't go away.

Phone or Zoom appointments are also available for all your health and skincare issues.


My Promise To You

I care about your overall well being and will provide you with the guidance, knowledge, and tools needed to be healthy. Let me help you achieve optimal wellness!

Disclaimer: We do not diagnose or treat any medical condition or disease. Our products are for health maintenance only. Nothing in the information provided is intended to treat or cure disease or to replace conventional medical approach


Infection Prevention

Dermalogica Clean Touch

Infection Prevention


Covid-19 Compliant

Dermalogica Clean Touch

Infection Prevention


Dermalogica Clean Touch

Dermalogica Clean Touch

Dermalogica Clean Touch


Ulta lab Testing

Have access to hundreds of lab tests. Want tests that your insurance doesn't cover? Now you can have those tests quickly and inexpensively through Ulta Lab Tests.